Mexico City's BLACK MASK is a very peculiar band. They were born five years ago, in 2019, but it will be in 2022 when we finally see them explode in all their splendor. In 2020 the group debuted with demo Warriors of the Night, made up of four high-impact pieces that generated a lot of noise in the Mexican heavy scene. Two years later, BLACK MASK reappeared with “Queen of the Beasts”, a single that anticipated his long-awaited album.

This band crashes the costume ball with its eight tracked, albeit brief at less than half-and-hour, debut full-length Queen Of The Beasts! High energy old school heavy metal with female vocals. Now, this amazing album is finally on cassette after LP and CD versions!

• Limited to 100 copies
• Purple dark solid & Silver solid cassette
• Catalog number: TOT053
• 200 CZK = 8 EUR

Listen on Bandcamp:

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